About us

PLC ‘‘Autobusų nuomos centras‘‘

PLC “Autobusų nuomos centras” is a transport company renting comfortable buses and minibuses. Our aim is to offer the most appropriate vehicle for travelers and for those who organize trips, as well as to assist in choosing the best offer. We offer a wide range of TOP class buses and minibuses of different prices to meet every customer’s needs and wishes. Our entire vehicle fleet meets EU safety and ecology requirements. Our company has reliable partners in other countries, so we can rent a vehicle abroad as well as in Lithuania. Qualified staff of our company will help you to choose the most optimal route and will provide you with a layout of travel costs.

“Credit info” provided us a certificate, for 2012-2018 years, which signify that PLC “Autobusų nuomos centras” have a high rating of ability to pay. This rating have only 3% of companies in Lithuania

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