Main questions

How the trip price is calculated?

Price for your trip is calculated individually, based on rout of the trip. Fuel, driver services, road taxes is included in the price. Usually parking costs and driver accommodation is not included in the price.

What additional expences I will have?

With every client we agree what is included in the price and what is not. Usually, parking costs and driver accommodation isn’t included. Drivers during the trip should rest as well, so they need to stay in the similar accommodation establishments, as passengers.

Can I use the toilet and other equipment in the bus?

Toilet can be use only for emergency, because the capacity of it is limited. Drivers and tour guides planing brakes, that the trip would be comfortable and clients would have enoug time to go to the toilet. CD, DVD systems in the bus also can be used.

Why driver can’t driver non-stop until we will reach our destination?

Based on regulation of The European Community, drivers must follow working and rest time rules. So we are planing trip time as much comfortable as it could be.

Could I rent a bus or minibus without driver?

Minibuses or buses, which has more than 9 seats, is renting only with drivers. Minibuses, which has 9 or less seats could be rent with or without driver.

Does the bus has safety belt?

Both, buses and minibuses has safty belts. Passengers’ safety is the most important to us.

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