Our services

Bus rental

We rent buses of different sizes for trips in Lithuania or abroad, and we will find you the best vehicle based on the number of passengers. All our buses are neat, safe, comfortable and tailored for very long journeys. You will feel comfortable travelling for hundreds of kilometres, and enjoying the time on the road.

For your convenience, each of our buses is equipped with:

  • bio-toilet, if necessary;
  • individual air cooling system;
  • seats reclining backwards and sideways;
  • video and audio equipment with CD, DVD, USB readers;
  • microphones for guides and tour managers;
  • spacious luggage compartment to accommodate all your belongings.

We have a big number of demanding customers at the bus rental centre, therefore, we rent buses for different trips:

  • transport of children, student students;
  • regular shuttles for staff;
  • employee transportation to corporate events;
  • tourist trips;
  • VIP transportation to/from airport and hotels;
  • transportation of professional and amateur athletes to sporting events.Our professional drivers with tens of years of experience will become your colleagues and take care of your trip and pleasant outing.

Minibus rental

For smaller groups, we offer minibuses with and without drivers.
For groups of 9 and less, we offer to choose from new, highly comfortable and manoeuvrable, nine-seater minibuses. They feature:

  • 8 passenger seats + 1 driver seat;
  • start-stop system for saving fuel;
  • constant speed support system;
  • uphill brake to facilitate mountain driving;
  • rear view camera;
  • passenger compartment doors on both sides;
  • armrests between seats;
  • 220 V front outlet;
  • USB, Bluetooth, AUX connections.

You can drive these minibuses yourself, but if you decide to take a break during the trip and dedicate yourself to other tasks, our professional drivers will take care about your safe trip.
Minibus rentals for groups up to 20 with driver services. All our minibuses meet the highest safety standards, are neat, comfortable and spacious. To maximize your comfort, our minibuses are equipped with:

  • panoramic windows for excellent travel impressions;
  • extended luggage compartment and luggage rack for all your belongings;
  • individually seated seats;
  • video and audio equipment with CD, DVD, USB readers;
  • microphones for tour guides or travel managers.Our pleasant, friendly drivers with many years of experience will make sure that your journey on a minibus is trouble-free; they will consider all your requests to stop or visit places of your preference.

Other services

Staff shuttle services

We have extensive experience in providing staff transportation services to a wide range of companies. Our customers enjoy using this service, allowing them to minimise the cost of travelling to and from work, and avoid time-consuming administrative procedures. We provide staff transportation information for a variety of conditions: from 2 weeks and up to 3 years.

Advantages of collaboration with us:

  • no need to worry about late or delayed public shuttle buses and delivering your staff to work always on time;
  • no more complicated trips by public transport when the workplace is not easily accessible;
  • no need for administration procedures and calculation of staff costs and compensations for using their own transport;
  • flexible changes of departure or return times, the number of travelling staff and even your travel schedules.

    Our customers are demanding and we apply the highest standards for our services. Of course, punctuality is most important here. Our professional drivers with many years of experience will take care to deliver your staff to work and from work always accurately and on time.

Route planing

If you decided to travel by bus or minibus, we can advice how and which route to choose in order to reach your destination (services are paid). Costs depend on bus or minibus category, route and time of rent. The more precise route will be, the less costs your going to have.

Hotel booking

We working directly with hotels and their reservation systems as well, so we can offer an optional variant of price and quality and wide choice of hotel. For any questions you are welcome to contact us on email: anc@anc.lt

Ticket booking

We working directly with ferry companies and tickets reservation systems, so we can offer a necessary tickets for your trip. For any questions you are welcome to contact us on email: anc@anc.lt